. Fully automatic filling
The AD*STAR® sack is suitable for all manual and automatic sack placing and filling units. The characteristics of the sack can be adjusted to special demands if necessary. Also the valve can be produced to be suitable for an automatic valve sealing process after filling.

. Stacking and storage
Having the same Shape as sacks of other materials, the AD*STAR® sack teams up perfectly with palletising or truck loading equipment, whether manual or fully automatic. The brick-shaped filled sacks require a minimum of storage space, and their high strength allows stacking up to the roof.

. Transport to end consumers
Rough handling, high humidity or rain, which result in high breakage rates with other sacks, are managed well with the AD*STAR® sack. Its high strength and water resistance minimize the number of lost sacks. Protected in an AD*STAR® sack your goods will reach the end consumer in perfect condition.

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