The price of an AD*STAR® sack is very competitive to a comparable paper or plastic film sack.
This is because of special characteristics:
The strength of the polypropylene woven structure allows light sack weight.
Assembling of the valve and bottom patches utilises no adhesives, a patented process.
Low processing costs are obtained with specially developed machinery.


The stability of the AD*STAR® sack virtually eliminates costs related to sack breakage: replacement of lost filling goods and sacks as well as cleaning costs. All together this means a huge amount of money saved by using AD*STAR® sacks.

Packed in an AD*STAR® sack, your goods will reach the end consumer in perfect condition. Because the sacks do not break during final handling, customers ask for AD*STAR® by name - meaning extra market shares for you.

After emptying the AD*STAR® sack is reused in many countries for a variety of purposes. In developing countries it is sold at markets as a second-hand sack. It is also used for covering roofs. In European countries plastic waste is used as secondary fuel in cement plants, saving a lot of primary fuel and costs. The sack can also be cleaned and recycled for new products.

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