The block bottom gives the sack a brick shape which makes the AD*STAR® sack suitable for all manual and fully automatic handling methods. Usually the sack is produced as a valve sack, which means that its shape is exactly the same as that of a pasted paper or film sack.
The self-closing feature of the valve allows the filling of various materials; for special requirements the valve can be adapted to the filling goods. As an option the valve can be designed suitable for automatic or manual valve sealing after filling.
The AD*STAR® sack can also be produced with a block bottom and an open mouth on the top. After filling the sack can be closed by sewing. The block bottom still gives better storage shape than a standard pillow-shape sewn sack.
For specific requirements during filling and storage, air permeability can be varied. This allows filling of goods like cement, which need a lot of air for transportation, but also the breathing of certain food products. Without perforation the AD*STAR® sack can be produced nearly tight.


The brick shape of the sack makes for perfectly shaped pallets. Combined with the high strength of the AD*STAR® sack, this advantage makes it possible to store up to 5 pallets on top of each other, dramatically reducing the floor space required for storage.

Perfect printing, made possible by surface lamination, gives the filled AD*STAR® sack a shining image. The sack can be produced in any colour and the possibility of printed bottom patches opens all opportunities to your marketing ideas.

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