Your Goods Are Safe!
The AD*STAR® sack is the answer to heavy duty sack demand.

The strength of the AD*STAR® sack is its most important characteristic. It is what makes the sack stand out compared to other industrial sacks. The reason is the fabric, woven of polypropylene stretched tapes, which makes the sack resistant to dropping, pressing and bending. Even when handled with a hook or damaged on a nail the sack does not rip open and still holds its contents.


The AD*STAR® sack protects your goods from factory to end consumer

The most important characteristic of packing units is the guarantee that the filling material will be kept as safe as possible from the factory to the end consumer. Strong cloth keeps the number of sacks broken or damaged during use to a minimum. Varying sack properties according to the specific filling goods - from airtight to highly air-permeable for filling or breathing of the goods - ensures perfect protection of your valuable packed material.

No Spillage

As a result, the AD*STAR® sack survives even rough local handling conditions. Practically no sacks are broken during filling, conveying, loading and transport.

Water resistant

Withstanding water and humidity, the sack keeps its full strength in all conditions - even when lying on damp ground, exposed to rain or to high air humidity. Made from water-resistant polypropylene, the sack is not affected by any form of moisture, unlike paper. This does not mean that AD*STAR® sack is always completely watertight. In some applications the sack has to be produced with microperforations to give it the necessary air permeability.

Save Products and Money
Because of the near-zero breakage there is no need to reproduce lost filling goods and to replace lost sacks. This is not only an important economic factor - two percent breakage means two percent less output - but has also a big environment effect.
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